America Votes 2020: The Never-Ending Election

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The night started with excitement. Across the globe, people eagerly tuned in to watch and witness the spectacle that was the U.S. election with curiosity and awe.

But... it quickly turned into an experience similar to watching a Toronto Maple Leafs game that had seven overtimes, but ended with a tie. 

Everyone got their chips, alcohol, pot and cigarettes ready to watch “the most important election of all time.” What they got was more like the “most confusing election of all time.”

Seeing the mainstream media switch from county to county and explain why voting here is more important than there was enough to make someone throw on Netflix and binge watch Ozark

It’s not the election America wanted, but was it the election America deserved? 

They did ignore several warnings about the possibility of voter fraud and continued with the largest mail-in ballot campaign in history. Or as Biden put it “the most diverse voter fraud organization” in history. 

Stay tuned for part 2!

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