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Andrew Says: COVID restrictions may never go away

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The Waterloo Region is the first jurisdiction in Canada to extend its mask mandate, now stretching all the way until May 2021, citing the "well-being" of all citizens through "the upcoming flu seasons".

"This is as much about economic recovery as it is public health," said Mayor Berry Vrbanovic.

At the time of this writing, Waterloo Region has exactly zero people in hospital for coronavirus, and 75 active cases. Of their nearly 80,000 tests conducted, less than 2% have been positive; 21% of their cases have been healthcare workers; 0.1% of the Waterloo Region population has died over the last six months from COVID-19.

Dr. Hsiu-Li Wang, the acting medical officer of health for the region said in a written article statement:

We have seen in our case investigations a trend of cases having notably more high risk contacts than before. This means people are socializing and gathering in close contact with people significantly more than before, without precautions such as physical distancing or wearing face coverings.

Dr. Wang then went on to further criticize her region, where less than 100 people out of more than 600,000 have the virus:

"This does not mean one group of 10 people at a family gathering, another group of 10 people at a social gathering, and another group of 10 for a night on the town. It's the same 10 people or less all the time for our social bubble."

Less than 24 hours before this announcement, MPP Randy Hillier tweeted the following prediction:

American universities predicting the future

Ohio State University is another institution predicting the future. The school has already gone ahead and cancelled Spring Break 2021, opting for two separate days off.

"While we are less than a month into autumn semester, I am writing to provide clarity about spring semester 2021 so that you can begin to make plans," says the school Vice President.

At the University of Central Florida, students mobbed YouTuber Kaitlin Bennett, telling her to wear her mask or get off campus. Despite putting a mask on, police told her it was easier/safer to remove her from campus as opposed to enforcing campus distancing restrictions of 12 people or less.

Chinese virologist being censored on social media

Dr. Li-Meng Yan is a different doctor who has been censored online for and suspended from Twitter for suggesting that coronavirus is man-made in a Chinese lab.

Yan's interview on Tucker Carlson is currently being censored on Facebook and Instagram and cited as "misinformation".

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  • By Ezra Levant

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