“Andrew Scheer's, like, racist”: What Torontonians think about Trudeau's blackface


People all over the world have seen the shocking images of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in brown and blackface.

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But the worst part of this scandal is that during Trudeau’s apology, he admitted he’d worn blackface twice and couldn’t say for sure if those were the only instances. And, sure enough, the very next morning, another image came out. Is this something he does so often that he’s lost count?

If we held Trudeau to the standards he sets for others, he should resign immediately. 

Nevertheless, today, I went to Toronto’s Dundas Square to see what average Torontonians think about Canada's “woke” prime minister's blackface costume scandal.

And if you haven't signed it yet, please visit TrudeauMustResign.com to sign our petition and spread the word.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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