Another salon morphs into a film studio | Evolution Salon is accepting auditions today

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The Evolution Salon & Spa in St. Catharines, Ont., is well-named. That’s because this exquisite salon has indeed evolved in such a way that it can now open its doors and cut the hair of its clientele, despite the provincial lockdown mandates.

Dennis and Lisa Costantini are the owners of the Evolution Salon & Spa. Like so many other Canadians, they were forced by government decree to shutter their small business (all the while wondering how it was possible for the likes of Costco, Walmart, and other big box retailers to operate just as they did during pre-pandemic times).

The couple also observed how political leaders and senior bureaucrats have often remarked, “we’re all in this together” — yet, it turns these same ruling elitists buggered off to sun-kissed destinations during the Christmas-time break, all the while preaching to the rest of us to stay home and not invite anyone over for Christmas dinner.

Tired of the lack of income, the double standards and the outright hypocrisy, Dennis and Lisa recently reopened their salon. After all, enough is enough.

And better yet, just prior to opening day, Dennis was tipped off by another St. Catharines salon operator, Alicia Hirter, regarding a way in which he could legally open his shop.

You might recall our recent report on Alicia, the owner of Chrome Artistic Barbering. Alicia believes she has found a legal way in which to operate her salon. Namely, Chrome is no longer a barbershop; rather, it is a film production company, and Alicia is currently putting together a documentary. Apparently, this means her business qualifies for an exemption from the lockdown.

And so it is that Chrome is no longer booking haircut appointments; it is instead offering auditions. And, like any good film production service, a haircut is offered as part of that audition. Brilliant!

Says Alicia: “We have followed the safety plan outlined [by] the Ontario Film Commission and [are] complying with our local bylaws and honouring exceptions.”

Likewise, the Evolution Salon has also reinvented itself. Wouldn’t it be great for the thousands of shuttered businesses across our great Dominion to reinvent themselves as film production studios, too?

Ready, set, action!

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  • By David Menzies


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