Antifa assault UPDATE: Why weren't Kingston police at the statue protest?

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At the City of Kingston, just exactly who’s the tail and who’s the dog?

You may recall our report last month regarding some 200+ anti-colonialism protesters gathered at City Park in Kingston, Ontario, to demand the removal of the of a Sir John A. Macdonald statue. Apparently our first prime minister was a racist white supremacist obsessed with genocide. At least that’s what several of the protesters’ signs indicated.

Alas, when I tried to file a report on this protest, my cameraman Mocha and I were actually physically attacked as demonstrators descended upon us, forcibly evicting us from this public park.

Later, this Antifa-like mob marched to Kingston City Hall where they burned an effigy of Sir John A. Macdonald.

But there was a very odd vibe in Kingston on that sunny Saturday afternoon: an absence of law enforcement. There was not a single police officer or police cruiser monitoring the actions of the mob, members of whom indicated ahead of time on social media that they were potentially going to pull down the Macdonald statue.

As well, there was no police presence at City Hall, even though this violent mob was setting stuff ablaze.

Does it not strike you as odd that there would be no police presence at such a violent gathering?

Well, things became a little more clear to us when a local law enforcement source told us that the ringleaders of the mob actually approached either the Kingston Police Service or the City of Kingston and told these organizations that THEY did not want any police presence at this event because due to recent events south of the border (i.e., the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.)

Allegedly, the mere presence of police officers or police cruisers would be “triggering” to them. And according to our source, the Kingston powers-that-be acquiesced to this outrageous demand!

A spokeswoman for Kingston Mayor Bryan Paterson denies the city had struck any agreement with the mob. However, we have yet to receive comment from Kingston Police Chief Antje McNeely or the media relations department of the Kingston Police Service.

If our source is correct, this is disturbing to say the least: the very idea that those breaking the law can actually ask law enforcement to stand down is almost beyond belief.

Yet, the proof is in the video: there were no police whatsoever at City Park – that is an irrefutable fact. And when we observed some police cruisers near City Hall when the mob moved there, those cruisers drove off in the opposite direction.

Please note: I am not criticizing the individual officers who make up the rank and file of the Kingston Police Service, but rather, their superiors who, due to political correctness, are apparently now taking their marching orders from hooligans.

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  • By Ezra Levant


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  • By Ezra Levant

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