Antifa assaults flag waving woman in Portland

Antifa assaults flag waving woman in Portland

Portland saw another day of hysterics on Sunday, as Antifa activists assaulted a woman who was holding an American flag. 

Antifa activists grabbed ahold of the woman’s flag and attempted to pry it from her hands, but when the woman refused to surrender the flag, another member of the mob approached her from behind and dragged her to the ground by her hair. 

The woman, who appears to be a woman of colour, is one of many demonstrators who came out in force to show support for President Donald Trump. The attack appears to have been spurred by the woman's waving of a large American flag. 

Andy Ngo recorded footage of the violent encounter. The video shows the woman standing with a group of other conservative demonstrators before being approached by the Antifa activists. 

Members of the pro-Trump crowd came to the woman’s defence, scaring away the pack of hyena-like militants, who only ever seem to attack vulnerable targets. 

Screaming and shouting soon erupted between the two sides after the woman managed to get away, with police nowhere to be seen. 

Portland mayor Ted Wheeler called upon the US Attorney’s Office and the Department of Homeland Security to revoke the US Marshals designation of Oregon State Police as federal deputies, which allowed them to make federal arrests in the event that they are assaulted in the line of duty. 

The mayor stated that they “asked the US Attorney’s to withdraw the designation… A key feature of the designation is that anyone who assaults a federally deputized official could be subject to federal charges… Fortunately, I am confident the Multnomah County District Attorney will prosecute anyone who assaults or otherwise harms police officers or others,” Oregon Live reported.