Antifa has taken over the public restrooms at Toronto's satellite tent city

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When is a deadline not a deadline? When that deadline is issued by the City of Toronto to Antifa-types who are occupying a public park and breaking numerous laws – that’s when.

Alas, the rank and file thugs who make up Afro Indigenous Rising  the same squatters who finally moved out of Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square after occupying the premises for three long, smelly, filthy weeks  well, simply moved uptown to Dufferin Grove Park. That’s where this motley crew of perpetually-angry social justice warriors and their useful idiots (namely, homeless people, drug addicts, and the mentally ill) are now squatting. Still.

What’s that you say? You heard they were given trespass notices on Monday with orders to vamoose within 72 hours? True enough, but despite a considerable police and security presence at Dufferin Grove Park on Thursday, it was all show, no go.

Such is life in the sanctuary city that is John Tory’s Toronto.

So while Mayor Tory grovels to this mob, asking them if they will pretty-please with sugar on top tear down their illegal camp and move on, the thugs just get increasingly emboldened.

Case in point: they have taken over the public restrooms at Dufferin Grove Park. And when the fire department responded to a call here a couple of days ago, these violent creeps actually prevented the firefighters from doing their job.

Here’s what City of Toronto spokesman Brad Ross had to say about that fiasco:

There are immediate public safety concerns related to fire, unauthorized electrical hook ups, a hose attached to the water tap in the woman's washroom that is preventing cleaning, public access to the washrooms in the park, tarps attached to an overhang blocking access to a maintenance room that also raises security concerns. As well, a fire pit is very close to the field house.

Toronto Fire attended a fire call last night, but protesters there surrounded the fire truck and crews were unable to deal with the immediate issue. Thankfully, the fire issue did not escalate.

The City is acting on the notices it issued, but is dealing with these immediate public safety concerns right now. People are, of course, free to be in the park and protest, but not camp and use the facilities as indicated, especially in a way that creates safety concerns for the individuals there, as well as other park users.

Enough is enough! Mayor Tory, grow a set already. Send in law enforcement to liberate this park.

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