Antifa takes over six blocks in Seattle

Antifa takes over six blocks in Seattle
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Antifa is overrunning parts of the city of Seattle, Washington, and it’s seeing little pushback from residents in the area, or from law enforcement, which has been ordered to stand down. 

Following days of riots, the Seattle Police Department entirely abandoned its East Precinct in the Capitol Hill area, prompting Antifa to move in and establish a wide perimeter it refers to as the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.  

The newly formed zone is patrolled by armed members of the Puget Sound John Brown Club, which announced on Twitter that it is “following the leadership of black voices on the ground for some security work,” including “watching for threats such as armed white supremacists.” 

Amid the insurgent collective’s efforts to control the territory, an individual named Raz Simone, who took it upon himself to become the area’s resident warlord.  

In a video posted onReddit, Simone and his crew can be seen assaulting a man for tagging over someone else’s graffiti. Raz and his crew allegedly approached and separate the man from the crowd, chasing him for several blocks before filming a portion of the attack.  

One commenter described him and his crew as “self-appointed, heavily armed, has indicated their intention to police the area, and has engaged in the use of force. I am unaware of any rival street force of their stature expressing the desire to hold authority in the area. The power vacuum has apparently been filled.”  

Raz is becoming the very thing people didn’t want to begin with,” wrote another. 

According to The Post Millennial, a source informed the publication that the Antifa-led mob plans to expand its territory to more neighborhoods adjacent to the Capitol Hill district and has already begun shaking down local residents for protection money to further their cause.  

"Antifa are extorting money and businesses in the Capital Hill Zone for protection money," said an unnamed police officer stationed at the city’s West Precinct. "Those running this Capital Hill Zone are employing stop and frisk to anyone who walks through, and shaking down businesses for $500 for protection,” said another. 

On Twitter, Antifa figurehead @historyofarmani bragged that the insurgents had seized territory, hinting at more to come.  

Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone in Seattle. 6 blocks retaken back for the people,” he wrote. “‘You are now leaving the USA when you enter. Long live the f**king revolution. 

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  • By Ezra Levant

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