Are even more heavy-handed government measures coming? #YahooNation responds

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As the economy continues to reopen, the attendance at #YahooNation protests at Queen’s Park continues to dwindle. But while they’re down they are not out, and the focus of the #Yahoos is now on mandatory mask legislation.

They also remain understandably upset over the undemocratic Bill 195 that was passed by the Doug Ford Progressive Conservative government last month. Bill 195 allows the government to extend emergency provisions  without debate in the legislature  on a month by month basis for the next two years!

This is something Justin Trudeau attempted to do in March, but he was thankfully unable to seal that draconian deal given the Liberals minority government status.

And looking around the globe, certain governments are being increasingly downright abusive to their citizens when it comes to enforcing social distancing laws, face mask regulations and even curfews all in the name of fighting the Wuhan virus file.

In Melbourne  Australia’s second largest city  the municipality is essentially under martial law. The government wants all its citizens to stay inside unless they need medical treatment. And did you catch that viral video of the young lady who had the temerity to go for a walk without her identification papers only to be tackled to the asphalt by three police officers?

And how about that leftist paradise known as Venezuela? If you get caught there not wearing a face mask or practicing social-distancing, government goons will physically punish you. Seriously.

Consider those three young boys who were forced to do push-ups after they were caught  horror of horrors  playing basketball.

And what about that man and two women who were arbitrarily sentenced to hard labour, using picks and shovels to hollow out a ditch while police officers supervised them due to the threesome not wearing face masks.

And get this: one of the women also had to wear a sign hanging from her back reading: “I have to do community service for not using a face mask.”

We asked the #Yahoos: are these extreme actions, or potential good ideas for Premier Doug Ford, now that he has the power of Bill 195 in his back pocket?

As usual, the #Yahoos had plenty to say.

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  • By Ezra Levant


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  • By Ezra Levant

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