AS IT HAPPENED: Freedom Convoy organizer's bail review

Ottawa-based lawyer David Anber live tweeted Tamara Lich's bail review, providing his unique insights along the way.

AS IT HAPPENED: Freedom Convoy organizer's bail review
Twitter / Joe Warmington
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Freedom Convoy organizer Tamara Lich is back in court today, where she is having a review of her bail following her arrest on February 17. Lich filed for the review in an effort to appeal the February 22 decision denying her of bail.

Ottawa-based civil liberties attorney David Anber has been live tweeting the hearing, providing his unique insights and analysis.

With the Freedom Convoy now dispersed from Ottawa, Anber points out that Lich's defence will likely focus on the fact that the protest has been cleared away and is unlikely to return in any meaningful manner, especially one which police would find overly difficult to deal with.

Upon entering the court, Lich was wearing shackles. The defence requested the restraints be removed, something the police didn't want, but the judge agreed Lich was not a danger.

In Anber's opinion, the Crown failed to discredit Lich's request for bail during cross-examination.

Lich's surety, the person responsible for making sure she upholds the terms of her potential bail, also faced examination by prosecutors.

During the bail review, the defence made a comparison between the way G20 rioters were treated compared to convoy protests.

The Crown attempted to respond by suggesting that the convoy's dispersal was not relevant to Lich's bail status. An argument Anber described as “attractive, but I think incorrect.”

A further analogy was provided by the Crown, suggesting that releasing Lich would be like “allowing a thief to supervise a burglar.”

The defence offered a brief reply, asserting that Canadian justice is dealt with through a trial, not through bail hearings.

Unfortunately for Lich, because the hearing has lasted virtually all day, no decision from the judge will be coming tonight.

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