Balancing Act: Gymnastics biz struggling to balance public health with kids safety

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It’s well-known that small businesses are being pummelled by this pandemic. Many are facing serious revenue loss due to open-again-close-again lockdowns, and layoffs seem almost unavoidable during this time of economic uncertainty.

But not at Epic Gymnastics in Port Hope, Ontario!

Emily and Cassandra are the proud owners of Epic Gymnastics; a small, independently owned startup gymnastics facility that houses other small businesses in their studio, such as for yoga and dance.

They had spent months prior to the onset of their opening date, which was originally scheduled for April 2020, marketing and branding their new business.

When the pandemic — and subsequent shut down — hit in March, they were too far down the financial rabbit hole to back out on their business.

Months behind schedule, and with additional financial costs, such as increased cleaning protocols, smaller class sizes and less frequent sessions, this business hasn’t exactly seen the “boom” that they originally envisioned when their classes were sold out in the spring.

Instead, they’ve been left trying to find a balance between government red tape, public health restrictions and giving their attendees the experience they’ve signed up for.

Emily and Cassandra are on both literal and theoretical balance beams. Check out my interview with them as I ask about what they think the future holds for their small business.

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