BANNED: Here's what Ontario bureaucrats don't want on your vanity license plate

Ontario's censor-happy bureaucrats have been spending their time tackling the horrors of... vanity license plates?

I took a look at the recently-released list of rejected personalized license plates and found that so many of them made no sense whatsoever!

From January to August of this year alone over 2,000 vanity plates were nixed by the government, and while you'd expect them to be offensive, abusive, or just plain crazy  some seemed to have no logic behind their rejection.

The most outrageous examples of rejected plates are surely found under the ominous sounding category of “Human Rights Discrimination.”

H8BRUINS was among those rejected as “discriminatory.” Now, maybe an uptight Boston Bruins fan would take exception to such a personalized plate, but what does that have to do with human rights? Can't people have their opinions about hockey teams?

Any reference to the coronavirus also falls under this exception. How is the mention of a virus a matter of human rights discrimination? Is Doug Ford worried the virus might get offended?

You're not allowed to target “Political Figures, Dignitaries and Law Officials” either. But the definition of “Political Figures, etc.” is as ludicrously far-reaching as you'd expect. CNNLIES, MOISTLY, and REBELLION were all disallowed under this rule. Since when is a cable news station a “dignitary?”

If only CENSORSHIP was short enough to fit on a license plate. But then again, some government administrator would probably reject that, too!

You know what I find truly offensive when it comes to Ontario license plates? That recent redesign that makes these plates almost completely unreadable at nighttime. Perhaps Ontario’s censorious government should be far more concerned about license plate graphic design rather than silly slogans certain bureaucrats don't like.