Best (worst) of Biden's lies from Presidential Debate

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The first Presidential debate was a bit of a mess:

Interruptions, not great questions, and Biden really denying... well pretty much everything. 

The whole first segment Biden says Trump doesn't his trust scientists, and he did a horrible job, but as Trump points out, Biden didn't want the country to close off travel to China and called it racist.

Trump was right to point out that even politicians that hate Trump, like New York Governor Cuomo praised his handling of the pandemic. Trump "doesn't trust his scientists," Biden says, and he doesn't trust Trump's vaccine because he listen to his scientists —but when Trump points out Fauci once advocated for no masks, Biden just denies that ever happened. 

Well, you can trust scientists, just not the CDC, and not Fauci, just, you know...anyone else.

That's sort of the theme of the night: Biden just forgetting certain things have happened or simply saying they're untrue. So on one hand "orange man bad" for not listening to his scientists and the FBI, but also Trump's people can't be trusted.

Now maybe Trump interrupted too much, you have to admit at some points that's true, but the Hillary Clinton strategy that everything is a lie? That doesn't work. Pretending things didn't happen isn't a winning strategy; take Hunter Biden getting paid by foreign companies and governments, everyone knows that happened. But according to Biden, that didn't happen either.

Next, the economy. We're going to raise corporate taxes and income tax, but somehow companies will stay here and you'll buy expensive American products? Makes sense? 

Now you'd think at this point the easy stuff was over, but Biden wasn't done there. He actually tried to convince the people that the military likes him, more than they like Trump.

It just didn't stop throughout the whole debate — even when Trump pressed Biden to name any law enforcement agency that is backing him, all he could say was that "there wasn't time" to get into the subject.

Let us know who you think won in the comments:

Did Trump interrupt too much? Did Biden lie too much? Or is he just confused?

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