Black Lives Matter activists meet anti-lockdown protesters: Who are the real ‘yahoos’?

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It’s always such a joy speaking to the members of #YahooNation on the lawns of Ontario's legislature, Queen’s Park, every Saturday.

They are smart, they are articulate, they are happy, and they are (most importantly) nonviolent.

In other words, they are the polar opposite of the rank-and-file comrades who make up Afro-Indigenous Rising. You know, those squatters and gender studies grads who occupied Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square for three long, smelly, filthy weeks.

Then they moved uptown to Dufferin Grove Park and illegally occupied those grounds for two weeks. That’s how we roll in Mayor John Tory’s stinky sanctuary city.

Alas, so it was that this motley crew of perpetually-angry social justice warriors and their useful idiots (i.e., homeless people, drug addicts, and the mentally ill) descended upon Queen’s Park last Saturday to issue their ludicrous ultimatums (such as abolishing the police.)

Against my better judgement, I attempted to engage in discussion with them. Unsurprisingly, much like a Yoko Ono concert, the conversation started out bad and proceeded to get horrid.

But ultimately, I was happy for their inconvenient and rude interruption because it succeeded in making me appreciate the human beings who comprise the ranks of #YahooNation all the more.

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  • By Ezra Levant


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