Tent City returns: Squatters ruin another Toronto park

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You may recall that earlier this month we reported that the Afro Indigenous Rising squatters were finally removed from Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square after occupying the premises for three long, stinky weeks.

Indeed, when that motley crew of Antifa and Black Lives Matter types (along with their “allies” — a ragtag hodgepodge made up of homeless people, drug addicts, and the mentally ill) finally moved on it was cause for celebration. After all, they had turned the once proud public square into a filthy pigsty. 

But now it appears that there’s a bittersweet epilogue to this story: many of those city hall squatters have simply relocated to Dufferin Grove Park in Toronto’s west end.

Once again, they have established a Seattle-style “autonomous zone” and a “sacred circle” as they claim ownership to a considerable chunk of a public park.

Welcome to the municipal version of whack-a-mole.

Alas, park goers and people residing near the park wonder where-oh-where is Toronto’s testicular-challenged mayor, John Tory?

Yes, where indeed?

Probably on Twitter bragging about how many law-abiding citizens have been nailed with those Wuhan virus $880 fines.

In any event, I reached out to the spokesman for the City of Toronto, Brad Ross. Ross said they are indeed aware of this latest tent city to infest Toronto. He is hopeful that the camp will be removed “quickly and peacefully.”

Question: What is Toronto’s definition of “quickly”? This egregious eyesore has been occupying Dufferin Grove Park for more than a week now.

Interestingly, the squatters have some well-heeled allies. A few supporters drove up to us in their late-model Mercedes-Benz automobiles to cuss us out and tell us to leave the area - the area being a public sidewalk. No, I’m not making this up.

So welcome to John Tory’s sensational sanctuary city, where the rule of law is AWOL and the criminals are aided and abetted by Hogtown’s self-righteous champagne socialists.

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  • By Ezra Levant


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