Black Lives Matter protesters REFUSE to leave jail after arrest

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Black Lives Matter protesters in Toronto staged an event over the weekend, in which they pretended their members were being unlawfully held by police.

It all started when they went on a march to deface some statues, as you will on a regular Saturday afternoon. Included in their crusade against statues, was a statue of Egerton Ryerson, on the campus of university that bears his name, who they claim is an architect of residential schools.

The irony here of course being this type of thought process, is taught at your local university.

The other statue that must be stricken from the record? Why Sir John A. Macdonald, the first prime minister of Canada.

“Tear down statues that represent slavery, colonialism and violence,” the sad adults spray painted in pink. “Defund, disarm and dismantle,” their calls aimed at abolishing police. Very intelligent as you can see.

Police seized tubs of paint, spray paint, sidewalk chalk, stencils and rope from a van.

Jenna Reid and Daniel Gooch, both 35, and 47-year-old Danielle Smith were charged with three counts of Mischief Under $5,000 and Conspiracy To Commit a Summary Offence. How sad.

BLM Toronto Co-Founder Rodney Diverlus then demanded their release, saying this was an art-based demonstration. Anyone angered by the defacing of public monuments was misguided, he said.

Have a problem with destruction of public property? You're misguided.

“If people care more about statues than they care about lives, then I would ask them to question their priorities,”  he added.

This has become the new mantra of the radical, violent protesters: “It's just property, you're not allowed to be upset, people are dying.” Which of course, is a lie.

By 5:30 p.m. police had issued a press release stating two of the protesters had been charged and released. So, why did the protesters remain? After another four hours passed Toronto Police released this statement on Twitter:

“The 3 individuals arrested today for alleged vandalism were provided access to Counsel. Hours ago, they declined to sign the release forms to leave custody. They will be released as soon as they sign, and we would like them to do so,” the tweet reads.

Here's Toronto Police Chief Saunders, stating just that; meanwhile, all they had to do is promise they'll appear in court (a standard procedure), but of course they won't do that.

These are adults, sometimes in their 40's, with spray paint and chalk signs, who feel no responsibility for any of their crimes. All because of vague claims or racism and historical injustice.

Adults... and that's what makes it so much more sad, three people committing vandalism warrants a news anchor questioning a police chief live on television, as if there's some grave injustice going on.

Strange times we're living in.

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