'Boogaloo Boy' charged with inciting a riot, opening fire at Police Station

'Boogaloo Boy' charged with inciting a riot, opening fire at a police station
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A 26-year-old man from Texas who identifies as part of the 'Boogaloo' movement has been charged with travelling across state lines to participate in a riot.

Ivan Harrison Hunter was identified from video which caught him opening fire at the Minneapolis third precinct on May 28. Hunter, a native of Beorne, Texas, fired 13 rounds while yelling "Justice for Floyd!" and fleeing, but not before setting the Police building ablaze.

According to a statement by the Department of Justice, Hunter made several statements to friends on social media describing the violence in which he engaged in.

On June 3, officers with the Austin Police Department conducted a traffic stop on a pick-up truck for numerous traffic violations. Hunter was one of three occupants in the vehicle, and had six loaded magazines for an AK-47 style assault rifle affixed to a tactical vest he was wearing.

Austin Police officers found three semi-automatic rifles on the rear seat of the vehicle, one loaded pistol in plain view next to the driver’s seat, and another loaded pistol in the centre console.

The DOJ statement goes on to note that several days after the traffic stop, federal law enforcement became aware of Hunter's affiliation with Steven Carrillo, another alleged 'Boogaloo,' who was charged with the murder of a Federal Protective Service officer in Oakland, California.

Carrillo potentially faces the death penalty if found guilty of the drive-by murder. 

Hunter and Carrillo are two of three 'Boogaloo Boys' charged in relation to the violent riots which took place in Minneapolis. 

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  • By Ezra Levant

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