Book launch PROTEST! Communists picket 'China Virus' event in Edmonton

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The Chinese communist bullies lost and freedom won the day at our China Virus book signing event Tuesday night in Sherwood Park, Alberta.

We think the Chinese consulate and pro-CCP front groups tried to shut us down — which is exactly what communists would do. They failed, miserably, but not after an outrageous pressure campaign directed at the innocent family run business who agreed to host us.

A few days before our book signing, Buffet Royale began getting weird bullying phone calls from Calgary area codes demanding the eatery cancel the event.

When that didn’t work, our hosts received a phone call offering them a $3,000 cash bribe to lock the doors on us for the night.

When that bribe failed, the threats came. A letter, saying the police and health inspectors had been called to shut down the restaurant and that a protest would be organized to stop our 140 person booking from going forward.

The protest did come. But it was pathetic. Somewhere around 10 pro-China communist supporters showed up in their luxury cars with their hastily made signs and blocked the entrance to the restaurant, forcing paying customers to run the gauntlet of screaming, swearing, poorly behaved dictatorship apologists. They put on quite a show for their consulate handlers who were there recording everything. 

But our hosts never wavered. They stared down CCP threats and a great night, with amazing food, was enjoyed by 140 of our friends and supporters.

Free speech was victorious. And cancel culture was served a delicious loss. 

I think the Chinese consulate cronies are going to push Amazon to ban the book again. I think it’s only a matter of time. Grab your copy of China Virus while you still can. 

However, it was good to be normal again and to see our friends. We have a lot of catching up to do and the commies aren’t going to stand in our way.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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