BREAKING: Trump authorizes transition to Biden presidency

BREAKING: Trump authorizes transition to Biden presidency

In a sober Monday night post, Donald Trump has announced he is allowing the U.S General Services Administration (GSA) to begin to prepare the White House for Joe Biden.

In a twitter thread, Trump invited Emily Murphy, chief Administrator of the GSA, to officially begin the transition of offices.

Trump's tweets maintain the suggestion that his legal cases will continue, despite many of them already having been dismissed or dropped by the Trump legal team themselves. Yesterday, the Trump team lost their case in Pennsylvania to block a Biden win, but has since appealed

Trump's announcement means the GSA can officially recognise Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 Presidential Election.

By law, Joe Biden and his proposed team would have been unable to access transition funds and resources for President-Elects until the GSA recognised his authority. As a result, last week Joe Biden began crowdfunding his transition finances, asking supporters to pitch in to his fund.

Trump's direction to Emily Murphy has now opened the door to Biden's formal recognition and the ability for he and his team to access those financial and staffing resources.

Read the letter from the GSA to the Biden team below: