Build-a-baby: Viral video tackles ethical issues of IVF

Choice42's newest video tackles the contentious and divisive, even among pro-lifers, issue of in vitro fertilization (IVF).

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Despite efforts by politicians, mainstream media and progressive pundits alike to insist that pro-life issues like abortion are settled and no longer open for debate, it simply isn’t true. However, that doesn’t change the fact that permeating the extremely pro-abortion media landscape that currently makes up Canada with pro-life messages can be challenging if not nearly impossible. Debates among pro-lifers as to how to best tackle the culture of death have raged on since abortions became legal over five decades ago, but these debates have been largely academic as not much has changed.

One group that seems to be shifting the culture, or at the very least initiating the conversation, on life issues is Choice42. They have had many videos tackling this seemingly taboo subject go viral, and even reproduced and translated into other languages reaching millions. From videos mocking the pro-abortion logic that a baby suddenly becomes a baby after birth thanks to the “magic birth canal”, or the more serious modern child sacrifice and abortion procedure animate videos they have released, Choice42 does not shy away from tough conversations. You can see all of their videos here.

Not only are they engaging in the media, but they are also helping moms choose and then enabling them to be moms with their “Mama Help Programs” that provide baby registries which supporters quickly fulfill, in addition to financial support for things like rent, groceries and even babysitting. If you are a mother considering abortion, they can help you too.

Rebel News was joined by Choice42 founder and director to discuss their latest video and social media campaign titled “Build-A-Baby”. It tackles the contentious and divisive, even among pro-lifers, issue of in vitro fertilization (IVF). We asked Laura why she felt compelled to tackle IVF when so many in the pro-life community side-step the issue, and discussed the eugenic and abortive elements inherent to IVF, addressing how difficult it can be to realize the truth about IVF, particularly for families who have conceived children in this manner. We also discussed Choice42 repeated viral successes and the need for modern and relevant engagement with society if a change is ever to be realized.

You can also check out our previous conversation with Laura Klassen by clicking here, as well as watch my interview with Kevin Sorbo, who voiced one of their videos, here.

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  • By David Menzies

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