Getting the pro-life message across with Kevin Sorbo & Laura Klassen

Kevin Sorbo joins Laura Klassen, founder of pro-life organization Choice42 to discuss how to get pro-life messaging to a wider audience in this interview with Adam Soos.

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When I had the distinct honour of guest hosting The Gunn Show a few months back, I was joined by charismatic and effective pro-life advocate Laura Klassen. She uses viral videos to generate conversations about abortion, often broaching themes that even the most ardent pro-lifers might shy away from.

Her success is not limited to the echo chamber of the pro-life movement, in fact a great deal of her viewership consists of folks who might not have given abortion much thought otherwise. She has also garnered a fair amount of attention from online opponents, with Facebook groups dedicated to deriding the undeniably thought-provoking content she creates.

Laura doesn’t merely generate conversations and call it a day, her organization Choice42 also offers extensive support for pregnant mothers facing adverse circumstances. Laura and her supporters have undoubtedly saved many unborn lives both through the viral content she produces and through the baby registries and support networks they have in place to help mothers in need.

For her latest project, titled EXPOSED, Laura is partnering with actor/producer/director Kevin Sorbo.

Kevin is one of the rare superstars who stuck by his principles throughout his career, and he has generated a massive and loyal fan base who love him and his work as a result. From Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Andromeda to God’s Not Dead, Sorbo is a living legend. His involvement in EXPOSED is sure to generate a lot of fresh eyes for the project.

I was joined by both Laura Klassen and Kevin Sorbo for an interview to talk about politics, vaccines, abortion and just about everything else you aren’t supposed to discuss while in polite company.


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  • By Ezra Levant

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