INTERVIEW: Pro-life advocate Laura Klassen

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Laura Klassen is young, telegenic, witty and pro-life.

She's the creator of a cheeky viral video that pokes fun at the pro-choice argument that human rights are bestowed to humanity by the “magical birth canal.”

Klassen started making videos around the same time that she founded a Toronto-based nonprofit organization called CHOICE42 which she describes as “pro-woman, pro-baby and pro-life.”

In her videos, Klassen uses humour, props and a pink wig to get her point across, as opposed to more traditional religious messaging. She's changing the conversation around the pro-life movement, and that makes liberals very nervous.

Klassen joins guest host Adam Soos tonight to discuss the future of the pro-life movement, and how young people can get involved in these tough conversations the left doesn't want anyone to have.

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