CAF vet who marched from Vancouver to Ottawa meets with MPs

After marching more than 4,000 km in protest of COVID mandates, James Topp met with members of Parliament today.

CAF vet who marched from Vancouver to Ottawa meets with MPs Topp
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James Topp, the Canadian Armed Forces veteran who marched across Canada from British Columbia to Ottawa in protest of COVID mandates, met with members of Parliament today, after completing his more than 4,000km trek to the nation's capital.

Dressed in a suit instead of his marching attire, or the CAF uniform which first landed his name in news stories, Topp met with MPs and the media in Ottawa.

A number of MPs met with the veteran, most of which were Conservatives, according to City NewsRebel News' William Diaz-Berthiaume listed some of the MPs who attended Topp's press conference.

Speaking to those who gathered, Topp discussed the reasons for his journey and the outpouring of support that he received while he travelled across the country.

“One thing that has jumped out at me since I started this journey is the number of folks who have come to talk to me,” Topp said. “There issue was not so much with mandates anymore, it's their dissatisfaction with the federal government,” the Armed Forces veteran explained, saying that people he spoke to had concerns about the government being “inflexible” and “unresponsive” to citizens' needs.

Topp was also accompanied at the press conference by Dr. Paul Elias Alexander, a former Department of Health and Human Services official in the Trump administration.

Alexander, who has previously spoken to X at Rebel News, talked about how government's should have strived to protect the most vulnerable among the population instead of pursuing broad sweeping mandates and lockdowns.

Alexander also claimed that the COVID-19 vaccines have little impact on the Omicron variant, an assertion that studies conducted during late 2021 and shared by Reuters, seems to back up.

During the conference, Topp announced that now that his march across the country has concluded, he would be holding a celebration on June 30 at the National War Memorial. Additional events are also scheduled for June 23 and 24.

More information about those events can be found on Topp's Canada Marches website.

While a number of MPs did initially leave, several returned after participating in question period at the House of Commons, Diaz-Berthiaume reported.

With the MPs back, Topp explained the “three R's” he's hoping to influence change on: the reparation of jobs and health care, the reinstatement of employees let go due to COVID mandates and restitution for lost wages due to COVID-related layoffs.

This, Topp believes, will go a long way towards healing the division in Canada.

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