Calgary City Council officially declares 'CLIMATE EMERGENCY' in the city

Jyoti and company are so eager to spearhead this new Great Leap Forward, that they have forgotten to check in with reality.

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Calgary City Council voted 13-2 in favour of declaring a climate emergency in the city, with only councillors Sean Chu and Dan McLean being opposed. Contention once again arose over the use of the word “emergency,” but facts and definitions weren’t about to get in the way of city council hopping on the climate "emergency" bandwagon, and so here we are.

Society is already nearing a breaking point — we have been cycling in and out of COVID-19 emergency status for two years — but leave it to our elected representatives to use their time generating more fear and declaring yet another dire crisis for us all to dread.

Sadly, it isn’t just the politicians who are to blame. Jyoti Gondek has been proposing "Climate Emergency" declarations throughout her bid to be the mayor of the city. To her credit — for once, a politician is doing what they said. The real issue here is that so many people have been so saturated in climate hysteria that they are actually comforted by the thought that officials declaring an emergency... as though it means anything.

The sad reality is that climate alarmism is not really being done to us, it is being done by us — or, at least, by our fellow voters who’ve been intimidated or outright brainwashed into all of the eco-talking points.

In our first video, we laid out the extent to which corporate media and Hollywood have been complicit in exacerbating fears. We also discussed how these endless symbolic climate motions accomplish little more than affording politicians an opportunity to pat themselves on the back and eventually usher in new taxes and increased costs of living. We also talked about the mental impacts of perpetually dwelling in fear and economic hardships.

Jyoti and company are so eager to spearhead this new Great Leap Forward, that they have forgotten to check in with reality. Reducing pollution and developing clean and renewable energy are both good things, but attempting to transition society to new technologies before they are ready will spell disaster. Clean renewable energy likely will be able to compete with traditional oil and gas energy at some point, and when they can, they will likely win on the free market. Voters and politicians need to stop living in a hoped-for tomorrow and they need to start facing the facts of the world today.

When we fail to learn from history, it inevitably repeats itself. When Mao Zedong sought to implement his own Great Leap Forward, a government-mandated industrialization plan for Communist China, reality rapidly set in and the program failed. The people were not ready, nor was the technology. Millions died.

While we certainly hope that our politicians know better than to shut off the oil in the middle of winter with hopes that frozen-over turbines and sunless solar panels will keep us warm, if history teaches us anything, hoping on politicians is not a great idea.

Politicians across Canada, some of which have declared climate emergencies of their own, are buying OPEC oil to keep the heat on, all while lobbying against pipelines that would see clean and ethical Alberta oil providing for Canada and generating economic wealth here at home. These politicians don’t care about ethical oil, or the environment frankly — they care about scoring points with their eco-lobbyist friends. Canada will need oil for the foreseeable future, and tanking in unethical OPEC oil from oversees doesn’t help Canadians or the environment.

Simply put: We cannot transition to technology which does not yet exist, buying unethical oil does not help the environment and we as a society have to reject the green taxing eco-alarmism that has reached monolithic status in Canadian politics. We need politicians who call out climate hysteria for what it is. And dare I say — as a great lover of nature and the outdoors — we need politicians who actually do something constructive to reduce pollution instead of ramping up carbon schemes and virtue signalling.

Let Jyoti and the rest of Calgary City Council know that you oppose their decision, by signing our petition and sending Jyoti an email at

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  • By Adam Soos

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