Calgary cops send GANG UNIT to Alberta restaurant to issue closure notice

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Marla Fraser and her business partner Kerry Lambert operate Outlaws Taphouse and Bar in Calgary, Alberta, and they are defying the provincial government’s lockdown restrictions on their watering hole.

They don't force their customers or their staff to wear masks. If you say you're exempt from the mask bylaw, that's good enough for Marla and Kerry. It also used to be good enough for the government, back in the days when you didn't have to divulge your private medical history to a perfect stranger to conform to a public health order.

Kerry and Marla have sanitization stations all over their bar. It's not that they don't think the coronavirus is real, they just don't think the restrictions on their industry, like having no live music, no dancing, no dart or pool playing, or no drinks served after 10:00 p.m., make any sense.

For defying the lockdown, Outlaws came under immediate surveillance from Alberta Health Services, Calgary police, and the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Commission. They've been issued a closure order and they were paid a visit by the Calgary police’s gang suppression team to try to force them to shut the doors.

One of Outlaw's waitresses, a single mom who spent most of the last year out of work because of the lockdown, was even given a $1,200 mask ticket.

The Alberta government and the City of Calgary are throwing everything they can at Outlaws to bring them back under the thumb of the public health dictatorship we are all living under. Outlaws needs our help.

Marla and Kerry are just trying to keep their doors open and keep their staff employed, but the full force of the government is being leveraged against them. They cannot take on the government alone.

Rebel News is helping Outlaws by hiring them a lawyer at no cost to them through If you'd like to help Marla, Kerry and the staff at Outlaws stare down the government and the growing list of bureaucracies threatening them with sanctions, closures and fines, please donate today at

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  • By Ezra Levant

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