Calgary police bust immigrant support group, ask man to remove jacket in -30°C

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The Calgary Police Service executed a targeted harassment campaign of two Calgarians, after they hosted a mutual support group at their home.

The police appeared at their home near midnight on Saturday night, according to Maciej (Ted) Lemanski. He says that the police surrounded his home and banged on the windows, shining flashlights through as the peered in. Lemanski and his wife, who both hardly speak English, were terrified.

When the support group members were leaving to their cars, the police approached them and issued them a $1,200 ticket. According to one of the attendees, Mariusz Lewandowski, the police officers ordered him to remove his jacket in the -30 degree weather. The police officer had no warrant — and the family of Polish immigrants knew no better than to strip for the officers.

Over the course of the next week, the police continued to harass the Lemanskis, they said, texting them threatening messages from unknown numbers night and day. The police even phoned the respective employers of the husband and wife in what seems like an attempt to embarrass the immigrant couple.

Maciej Lemanski reached out to Rebel News to see if he qualified for our Fight the Fines campaign — and of course, he did. After meeting and interviewing each family involved in the group, we provided them with lawyers, and waited in the early morning for the police’s pre-planned attendance at their residence in Calgary.

That is when we turned the cameras on the officers.

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  • By David Menzies

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