Calgary protesters flout new Alberta COVID restrictions — no social gathering charges laid

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Despite the threats from Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi’s government, Premier Jason Kenney’s new COVID restrictions were not used over the weekend to fine and arrest a Calgary-area pastor who feeds the homeless. 

On November 26, pastor Artur Pawlawski announced on his Facebook page that the City of Calgary threatened him with fines and arrest should he continue to feed the homeless population outside of City Hall. Despite the warning, Pawlawski said that he would not be dissuaded from helping people in need. 

“This is a church that stands for the most vulnerable people and will continue to do that in a time of crisis,” he said in a viral video posted to Facebook.

Rebel News went to observe the Street Church in action on Sunday, and while there was a heavy police presence, there were no fines or arrests made — much to the dismay of many in the mainstream media who were furious with the gatherings outside of City Hall.

After the event, Pawlawski confirmed to us that there were “no arrests and so far no tickets.” 

Charging people after events has been something that Calgary's Chief Bylaw Officer Ryan Pleckaitis has threatened, stating that ticketing while the event is taking place is not the way to go. 

How exactly government officials are identifying citizens and their whereabouts after a protest is unclear.

If you've been handed an unreasonable fine as a result of COVID-19 regulation enforcement and plan to take a stand against it, visit Fight The Fines to tell us your story and receive free legal advice!

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  • By Ezra Levant

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