California Gov. Newsom's kids evade COVID lockdowns at private school

California Gov. Newsom's kids evade COVID lockdowns at private school
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Democrat California Governor Gavin Newsom has announced that his kids will be returning to in-person learning at their private school, despite parents throughout the state struggling to educate their children while public schools remain closed.

“Newsom’s children attend a private school in Sacramento County that has a hybrid schedule that alternates remote and in-person education before it will return full-time next month, according to a source” Politico reported.

Public schools throughout the state will not be returning to in-person learning, whereas Newsom’s kids will, at their private school.

“Sacramento County schools are allowed to open classrooms under Newsom’s reopening system. But the county’s large public school districts — including San Juan Unified, which serves Newsom’s neighborhood — have yet to do so. Some Sacramento County districts plan to reopen elementary schools next month, while San Juan has a January goal date. Sacramento City Unified has yet to propose a reopening date,” Politico reported.

When asked about his own children’s education on Friday, Newsom responded, “They’re phasing back into school and we are phasing out of our very challenging distance learning that we’ve been doing, so many parents are doing up and down the state.”

Newsom stated that he wanted schools to reopen soon, but local districts were making the decisions to keep schools closed.

“We absolutely believe that the social-emotional learning that occurs in the classroom is the best place for our kids, certainly the best place for their parents as well. And so it is absolutely incumbent to do everything in our power to provide support to our districts so that they can safely reopen, emphasis on safely reopen,” he said.

Pradheep Shankar, a radiologist and public health policy expert stated on Twitter that “rich and elite will have children that will advance far more than those in public schools…and years from now, we will wonder with great concern about why we have a massive income gap…”


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