Canada offers $12.5 million to support feminist “inclusive police” in Haiti

Canada offers $12.5 million to support feminist “inclusive police” in Haiti
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The Trudeau government is offering a $12.5 million contract in operational support for policing in Haiti under Canada's Feminist International Assistance Policy.

According to the tender posted on Canada's procurement website:

The Support for a Professional and Inclusive Police in Haiti (SPIP) Project will contribute to 3 of Canada’s 6 Feminist International Assistance Policy action areas: (i) gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls, (ii) inclusive governance, and (iii) peace and security.

By strengthening the HNP’s institutional and operational capacities, the project will help stabilize the country politically and socially, and maintain peace and public safety in a fragile country, which are essential to sustainable development in Haiti.

The contract is scheduled to last over a five year period and bidders are asked to submit projects which include “a national police institution,” “an institution that is part of the penal systems, from the judicial system to the prison system” or “any other sector central to the government’s coercive apparatus.”

Among the listed priorities of the project is to:

...further promote and protect the rights of women and girls in Haiti and to strengthen their power to act and make decisions.

And to:

...strengthen the national health, education and protection systems to make them more effective and reach the most vulnerable, including women and girls. In particular, it will help improve services related to sexual and reproductive health and rights, and to maternal, newborn and child health.

And of course: 

Canada will help strengthen the economic power of women and girls to ensure economic growth that is inclusive, sustainable and resilient to climate change and natural disasters.

Among the positions required, a successful bidder must guarantee at least 800 hours to a “Gender equality/human rights specialist based in Canada”, 650 hours to a “Long-term, local senior gender equality specialist, based in Port-au-Prince” and 550 hours to a “local environmental specialist.”

In response to a question, the Canadian government responded that demonstrable experience is a low priority:

...there is no minimum or maximum number of projects required to demonstrate the requested experience. The experience can be demonstrated by one or multiple projects.

The contract was updated this morning in response to bidders requesting extensions on submission due to COVID-19 and “vacation season”.

The extension requests were rejected.

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