Is Canada on its way to becoming a Third World country?

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Like thousands of others who wanted a better life, I immigrated from a Third World country to a First World country – Canada.

There is nothing wrong in being an underdeveloped country – some are trying hard to progress but here’s what’s holding them back:

Corruption, nepotism, bad governance and mismanagement, foreign interference and protecting only select communities for the sake of votes.

Recently all of these have started applying to Canada.


In Canada we have recently seen the SNC-Lavalin political scandal. For someone who calls himself a feminist and supporter of gender equality, the ouster of Jody Wilson-Raybould is something we would only expect from a Third World leader. Also, what happened to Vice-Admiral Mark Norman is telling.

It's common in Third World countries to take gifts in kind. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau frolicked on the Aga Khan’s island using a private helicopter to get there with his family.

PM has become quite a regular at the Ethics Commission because the latest corruption scandal is about the WE Charity to whom he allocated $900 million, which should have gone towards the veterans and homeless. Does this ever resonate with the antics of the country I grew up in!

Nepotism is common in part of the world I come from. But here in First World Canada, the PM’s mother Margaret and brother Alexandre both made disgusting amounts of money for speaking at WE Charity events.

Bad Governance and Mismanagement

I don’t even have to expound on this as you’ve seen the rise in crime, slogans to defund the police, stabbings and shootings on the rise while the economy is in despair.

Meanwhile our PM dances to the tune of Bollywood in India and during the COVID crisis just pops out like a cuckoo clock, dispersing money as though this will keep the masses silent.

Foreign Interference

The PM has defended selling military equipment to Saudi Arabia which is the same regime which sent a Saudi hit squad to Canada to murder a former high-ranking Saudi intelligence officer – Seriously? Is this a declaration of war?

It's not a secret that the PM is enamoured by the treacherous regime of China, a country that is holding four Canadians on death row and not an iota of blame from the Canadian government of unleashing the Wuhan virus. As well, CSIS has warned about China’s interference.

The IRGC presence is strong in Canada and despite calls to ban this group, the PM has still not taken action. There are even some members of Parliament towing the Iranian regime lobby as exposed by Rebel News.

Protection of Select Communities

Motion M103 is a real example of how one community gets special attention to bask in the victim-ideology. The PM has been accused of “taking myriad punitive measures toward Christian-Canada, while raising Islam to the top of the Canadian ‘totem pole.’”

These are all symptoms of what happens in Third World countries.

YOU decide if Canada is on a reverse trajectory.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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