Car chargers in oil country: Calgary okays 20 new EV stations

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Calgary’s mayor, Naheed Nenshi, has priorities.

Unfortunately, those priorities don’t include fiscal restraint or attracting job creators.

The long-time, progressive mayor of one of Canada’s most conservative cities is doing all he can to appease the extremists on the radical left when it comes to all of their weird pet projects. The mayor has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on urban art that looks like abandoned construction supplies and has recently voted to defund the Calgary police service by $20 million at the urging of a small handful of BLM activists.

Statistics Canada pegs the city's current unemployment rate at 12.6 per cent — the same as Edmonton, and now among the highest of any major city in the country. Approximately 119,700 Calgary residents are without work. That’s more people than live in the city of Red Deer and about double the population of Fort McMurray.

Times are bad in Calgary, and on their way to worse, but that hasn’t stopped the mayor from ignoring reality to virtue signal in the middle of a social and economic crisis.

Nenshi is giving Tesla millionaires 20 new terminals to charge their novelty cars.

The City of Calgary has put out a solicitation for a company to build electric car chargers:

Supply, delivery, installation and operations and maintenance of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations.

Charging stations will be located at various city-owned Park and Ride lots and Recreation centre parking lots to increase the capacity of Calgary’s public EV charging. Proposed level 2 EV charging stations may come in in the form of twenty (20) single port charging stations or ten (10) dual port charging stations.

According to the Calgary Herald, the city’s own numbers show just 700 EVs in Calgary with a further 400 plug-in hybrids.

What kind of dream world is Nenshi living in?

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