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Case update: Single mom cornered by police and arrested for criticizing lockdown

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You may remember a story we did back in November of last year involving Amy Stewart, one of the many Brits we are helping through our campaign at

Amy reached out to us after she received a £10,000 fine for speaking at an anti-lockdown protest at Leeds City Centre in Leeds, England.

The police that day targeted Amy, cornering her against a wall and eventually putting her in the back of a police car, all for simply speaking at a protest.

You would think that by the actions of police that day, Amy was a hardened criminal they were taking off the streets. Unfortunately, this is a sad reality many Brits face. All for having an opinion opposite of the government.

With your support, we are able to help people like Amy fight back against these unjust measures at

Thanks to your donations, we are able to crowdfund a legal team to help Amy fight back against this unjust fine. If you would like to help Amy fight back, please visit that same website at and donate what you can.

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