Catherine McKenna's Ottawa office takes on the snowshoe-to-work tweet

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Catherine... of The Far North! Hah! Did anyone think for a second that a raging blizzard (um... would you believe a 5 centimeter dusting of snow?) would be enough of a climatic catastrophe to stymie Catherine McKenna from doing her diligent duty as a Liberal Member of Parliament?

Not so, friends. Check out a recent tweet from Climate Barbie regarding her commute to the House of Commons:

And she even had her personal cinematographer provide video evidence of her arduous odyssey.

Anyway, we thought we’d drop by McKenna’s community office to check out the environment (a thaw was on and nobody was wearing snowshoes — perhaps because the City of Ottawa uses snowplows and salt on its streets and sidewalks.) As for McKenna’s snowshoes: are they locally made by an Indigenous craftsman using hardwood and rawhide laces? Or are those snowshoes derived from plastic, metal and synthetic fibers and made in China? (Put your money on the latter...)

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  • By Ezra Levant

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