Children's author Lucas Wurtz knocks down oilpatch myths with follow-up to Oscar the Little Pumper

Lucas Wurtz has written a followup story to his first hit, along with a colouring book for more kid-friendly fun.

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For two weeks, the top book in the Children’s Short Stories category on the Global Amazon site was a pro-oil and gas book written by a dad who works in the North Dakota oil patch.

Imagine my pleasant surprise to learn this news, after nearly three years of being told that the only acceptable discussion around fossil fuels to be had with kids must be led by little teenage truant climate scold, Greta Thunberg.

Now, following the success of his first book, Oscar the Little Pumper, Lucas Wurtz is back now with two more books. One, a follow-up story called Bob the BIG Pumper, and a colouring book about Bob and Oscar, those helpful pumpjacks and their adventures.

I caught up with Lucas last week to talk about why he wrote two more pro-oil and gas kids' books, and the reception he's received from moms and dads who want to be able to read their kids something before bedtime that doesn't make them out to be the devil.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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