Meet Chris Sky, Local Toronto Anti-Lockdown Celebrity

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Chris Sky joined guest host David Menzies to talk about the ongoing coronavirus lockdown.

You may remember Chris from our nearly weekly coverage of the anti-mask, anti-lockdown #YahooNation protests held on Saturdays at Queen's Park in front of the Ontario legislature.

In this clip, Chris tells David why he got involved in the protests in the first place:

“Right away, the two weeks became two months. And then you had all these business closed. That was my first concern. Number one was the business closures, because our economy relies on small business — 97 per cent of all our businesses are small business. Seventy per cent of all Canada's jobs come from small business, and at the start of 2020, we had 1.15 million small businesses in the country.”

We filmed a full interview with Chris, but it's only available to our RebelNews+ members!

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You can follow Chris on Instagram at Meet.the.Skys.