#YahooNation! Protesters call on Ford to reopen the province

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For a second Saturday in a row, protesters who are sick and tired of the Wuhan virus restrictions were back outside Queen’s Park, demanding the provincial government reopen the economy.

Unfortunately, that does not seem likely – at least not yet. In fact, after the first protest, Premier Doug Ford experienced a “basket of deplorables” moment by labeling the demonstrators as a “bunch of yahoos.”

I wonder if Premier Ford would like a re-do on that quote given that many of the people at the protest said they voted for the Progressive Conservatives in 2018.

The protest was several hundred strong (at least double the size of the April event).

While the premier was using "yahoo" as a slur for those violating the COVID-19 safety protocols, (“yahoo” means a rude, noisy or violent person) it is somewhat ironic that “yahoo” is a term that was embraced by protesters as a badge of honour.

Certainly, the questions raised by the protesters are valid. Such as:

Why are certain stores allowed to remain open (i.e., Liquor Control Board of Ontario outlets, the Beer Store chain, Costco and Walmart) whereas other stores cannot open their doors, even if those retailers promise to comply to social distancing measures?

Why can’t Ontario adopt the Swedish model for opening the economy – something that even the World Health Organization approves of believe it or not.

Is the Wuhan virus truly as deadly as we have been led to believe, or are the models embraced by the authorities simply projecting worst-case scenarios that are highly unlikely to ever come true?

Why are people being fined $880 for simply for trying to get some fresh air?

Can the mainstream media narrative regarding the Wuhan virus be trusted? (By the way, it was music to our ears to hear the chant of, “Shame, shame CBC; Rebel Media is real news!” break out on numerous occasions):

And why is it an act of “racism” to criticize the decisions and political positions of Dr. Theresa Tam?

As for those yahoos who missed out on the protest, not to worry: Yahoo Nation shall be returning to the lawns of Queen’s Park this coming Saturday from noon to 2 p.m. We expect an even bigger crowd as citizens become increasingly frustrated due to being confined to quarters as their government continues to seemingly endlessly dither…

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