Christian organization kicked off fundraising platform an hour before event

Christian organization kicked off fundraising platform an hour before event
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Evangelical Christian organization Family Research Council (FRC) says it was kicked off of fundraising platform, MobileCause, one hour before the group’s Pray Vote Stand broadcast.

FRC President Tony Perkins released the following statement:

MobileCause has not only provided yet another example of big tech censorship but in their desperation to silence those they disagree with, they have now added religious discrimination to their portfolio. Is it a coincidence that a big tech company pulled the plug on us one hour before the second instalment of one of our most extensive evangelical voter education and mobilization efforts in this election cycle? The big tech agenda is beyond obvious. MobileCause views evangelicals and conservatives as a political enemy that must be silenced, and so it timed its religious discrimination for maximum effect.

The Left's determination to silence voices with which they disagree should make clear to every evangelical voter what is at stake in this election and why they need to pray, vote, and stand! Big tech, Hollywood, and the elites intend to decide this election, and they will resort to religious discrimination, censorship, and bullying to get that mission accomplished. We cannot, and we must not, allow them to succeed

According to recent Pew Research Polling, Evangelicals remain one of President Trump’s most reliable voting blocks:

Roughly seven-in-ten white evangelical Protestants (72%) say they approve of the way Trump is handling his job, according to a Pew Research Center survey conducted June 16 to 22. That is a 6 percentage point drop from 78% recorded in April, in line with the 5-point drop during that period among U.S. adults overall. The share of white evangelicals who say they “very strongly” approve of Trump’s performance is now at 59%, down 8 points from 67% in April.

Evangelicals don’t have much brotherly love for Sleepy Joe, disapproving of Biden as strongly as Biden disapproves of his teleprompter placement. The same Pew survey found:

A large majority of white evangelical Protestants say Biden would make a “poor” (26%) or even “terrible” (49%) president, while 16% say he would make an “average president. Only 9% of white evangelicals say Biden would be “great” (2%) or “good” (7%) in the Oval Office, compared with seven-in-ten who say Trump has been good (34%) or great (35%) in that role.

MobileCause has a product line targeted to faith groups and cites the Salvation Army, Creflo Dollar’s World Changers Church International, and Joyce Meyer Ministries as featured customers.

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