Christians arrested in Idaho while singing Psalms for not social distancing

Christians arrested in Idaho while singing Psalms for not social distancing
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You would be forgiven if you confused Moscow, Idaho for Moscow, Russia. Moscow, IA city police have arrested a number of people for the apparent crime of attending church.

As detailed by the city’s website, the government has a strict physical distancing and face covering health order for its residents.

Under the guidelines, residents are ordered to maintain a physical distancing of 6-feet to non-household members and face coverings are mandatory.

“A combination of physical distancing and face coverings in Moscow is required when in public. In public spaces, social distancing is the most challenging piece of the puzzle to define. For instance, while any patron may fully intend to physically distance themselves from another in a store aisle, sometimes the best intentions don’t work out. These instances are when face coverings or masks are a great tool to help protect our friends and neighbors,” the Moscow city government claims.

“The Resolution and Order are not guidelines – it is the law,” it emphasized.

On Wednesday, Moscow police arrested several individuals for violating the city’s strict lockdown orders. The individuals had apparently committed the crime of goingto church. Like many other cities with similar lockdown rules, churches are prohibited from allowing worshippers to gather.

As noted by Ezra Levant, arresting churchgoers is “easier than arresting rioters.”

“I'd expect this from a disarmed jurisdiction like Australia or the UK. Surprised this is happening in a place with a First and Second Amendment,” noted Levant, citing arrests that are commonplace in the United Kingdom and in the Australian state of Victoria, where police are notoriously strict in their enforcement of coronavirus lockdown regulations.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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