Chrystia Freeland's history with George Soros

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Conservative MP Kerry-Lynne Findlay tweeted out a video of Deputy Prime Minister and new Finance Minister, Chrystia Freeland, interviewing George Soros stating the following:

[She is] listening carefully like student to teacher. The closeness of these two should alarm every Canadian.

Predictably, this set off alarm bells through Liberal caucuses. Quebec MP Anthony Housefather said she was "retweeting antisemetic tropes."

Charles Adler of Global News says: "this tweet that was harvested from a hate site. Hardly a fulsome unambiguous apology for composing & disseminating #AntiSemitism"

Nevertheless, Findlay cowered to the bullies and apologized saying: "I have removed the tweets and apologize to anyone who thinks I would want to endorse hateful rhetoric."

Simply pointing out that George Soros has political influence and pours money into activism is not bigoted; this is a defence mechanism to say "don't look into this, please."

In fact, that wasn't the only time Freeland interviewed Soros gawkily, in 2015 her interview was called "The Future of Europe." Of course, no questions allowed.

If Soros isn't influential, why would his opinion on this be notable?

Obviously it is, that's why the following year the Canadian government looked to George Soros and his Open Society Foundation to pencil their refugee resettlement program.

Freeland has a long history with Soros. In 2012, she wrote a print interview with the billionaire, which in many ways was a fluff piece that analyzed how Soros is able to predict winners and losers of global conflicts, notably China.

This article was published on which lists Freeland as "editor of Thomson Reuters Digital, working on a biography of George Soros and is author of Plutocrats: The Rise of the New Global Super Rich and the Fall of Everyone Else."

As well, Soros is credited by some for 'breaking the bank' of England in 1992.

According to Investopedia, "Soros pocketed $1 billion on the deal and cemented his reputation as the premier currency speculator in the world."

Soros is also a well known donor to non-profit organization Media Matters, which is a very left wing outlet, no one debates that.

Of course, they are heavy-handedly involved in American politics; in 2006 NewsDay reported that Hillary Clinton and John Podesta gave them office space.

In 2015, the New York Times reported that Media Matters "helped lay the groundwork for Mrs. Clinton's 2016 campaign"

If George Soros is the 'investing mastermind' Freeland labels him as, while he is shaping refugee programs, crashing currencies and shaping political campaigns, why wouldn't that be of political interest?

George Soros is a billionaire. Usually progressives hate billionaires, but not George Soros, why?

Could it be that as Reuters reported just two months ago, Soros' foundation donates to Black Lives Matter and Planned Parenthood, among others? Or is it because many of George Soros' initiatives are progressive initiatives? 

Maybe it's time we start asking questions, just don't expect answers from Liberal Democrats any time soon.

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