Citizen scientists continue discovery into just how destructive COVID injections may be

Senior research scientist shares concerns about the lack of rigorous research and development, abysmal quality assurance and control practices, and health regulators who should have reviewed the inadequate data in the authorization process.

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Senior research scientist and molecular biologist Dr. Laura Braden recently testified at the National Citizens Inquiry in Truro, Nova Scotia.

Braden’s testimony was eloquently laid out. She shared complex scientific concepts that were easy to understand with complimentary graphs and pictograms.

For expressing concerns and questioning the COVID response early on in 2020, Braden was slandered and cancelled from her field of work as a research scientist for a private company.

Armed with extensive knowledge in good laboratory practices (GLP), Braden spoke in depth about the abysmal quality assurance and contamination of the novel products by the manufacturers (sponsors) – Pfizer and Moderna.

This information first came to light after a cyberattack on the European Medicines Agency established that regulators expressed concern over low quantities of intact mRNA in November 2020.

Braden further discussed the discovery of man-made components in the genetic sequencing of SARS-CoV-2 as early as January 2020.

A pre-print paper found that “insertion sites in the spike protein were similar to HIV-1 and these inserts were specific to protein used to bind to T-Cells, which is odd, and shouldn’t be in there,” she said about the paper that was scrubbed from the internet.

Additionally, citizen scientists have discovered that both Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vials are riddled with contaminants.

Genomics expert Kevin McKernan found that strands of DNA contained within the vials include a T7 promoter, SV-40 promoter, and an antibiotic resistance gene, etcetera.

Yet the manufacturers did not test for genetic toxicity potential. As per Pfizer’s product monograph, “genotoxicity studies were not considered relevant to this vaccine.”

“I question everything. Everything that is based on public health will never not be questioned by me again. Don’t trust public health to tell you [the truth],” says Braden.

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  • By Drea Humphrey

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