Genomics expert censored over concerns about vaccine stability

Genomics scientist who sought to compare differences in vaccine versus virus spike protein has paper censored after favourable peer review.

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Kevin McKernan holds a bachelor of science with training in pharmacology, toxicology and biomedical engineering. He was previously involved in the Human Genome Project and has pioneered work in the fields of genome sequencing for 30 years.

Recently, he partnered with renowned COVID dissenter Peter McCullough and Anthony Kyriakopoulos to author a paper titled, Differences in Vaccine and SARS-CoV-2 Replication Derived mRNA: Implications for Cell Biology and Future Disease. They sought publication in the open-access publisher, Hindawi.

McKernan refers to this “vaccine” as familiar technology as the mRNA modifications that go into the vaccines is similar to what he used in DNA sequencers.

“The bases [of DNA] in the mRNA vaccines are not the same as the bases that are in the virus. They’re not only different in the sequence because of the codon optimization but they’re also different in that they included a chemically different nucleotide known as N1-methlypseudoridine,” he says.

“It’s a base that doesn’t have a lot of fidelity,” McKernan continues, which means that “it’s a little sloppy in what it pairs with.”

This means that when the cell tries to read the mRNA, there is potential for it to make a lot of mistakes which is what the authors wanted to investigate in the paper which, “sadly it led us in the direction that there is not a lot of data out there,” McKernan says as he reiterates the frightening realization that there is lacking public information on “what mRNA are in these vials and what do they actually turn into when you ask human cells to express them.”

While discussing the differences in the spike protein from the vaccine versus the virus, a key distinction is how the virus enters the body, McKernan told me that “The virus enters your nasal passage and replicates [there] taking 5-7 days to peak before it clears. The injection gives you ~40 trillion mRNA’s in one shot that have a modified nucleotide that makes it very difficult for your body to eliminate,” McKernan explains.

“Generally speaking you want the smallest amount of antigen as possible to drive the immune response, particularly if the antigen itself is proven to have any sort of pathogenicity you don’t want to present the patient with too much of that,” noting that “spike protein is not as innocuous as we were lead to believe.”

McKernan refers back to a paper by Cheng et al that classifies the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein as a superantigen. “It has high similarity to a bio-weapon. It’s a short sequence and there’s a lot of controversy with that term so I want to be very clear here: taking a sub-portion of the sequence can create a cytokine storm.”

Now that population immunity is increasing, the paper further highlights a concern around populations with both mRNA and the virus simultaneously. “Do those molecules interact in any way? We don’t know. We have to consider the biology of the mRNA and the virus — can the two molecules interact and recombine and drive variants? It’s an unknown that needs to be considered.”

The paper is now caught up in peer-review after two favourable reviews. The editorial board deflects to a “research integrity review” claim. Referring to this as journalistic gatekeeping McKernan, as a well-published scientist, has never seen this kind of process held up for months before.

“We are now moving to injecting children with these things and every day that we delay on bringing out any criticisms or potential review of this it just creates more uncertainty for people.”

Sharing his final thoughts, McKernan summarizes his concerns articulately.

“This mRNA [product] is going to go into your cells and create the drug and they are only theorizing what it’s going to create. They have not demonstrated publicly what the mRNA is from a sequencing standpoint where we see the raw reads and see the error rate in the vaccine production… these mRNA are not faithfully reproduced. So we have a pro-drug, that is producing a[nother] drug and the drug is not known and has not been characterized and it’s being injected into billions of people with zero liability. This has never happened before in medicine.”

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  • By David Menzies

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