WATCH: City of Toronto slammed for 'cringey' safe 'six' COVID advertisement

WATCH: City of Toronto slammed for 'cringey' safe 'six' COVID advertisement

The City of Toronto is under fire after posting a dance video encouraging people to "practice safe 6ix" under the coronavirus restrictions and public health regulations.

The video features a young, expressionless man dancing to sexually suggestive music, tearing off white t-shirts emblazoned with various COVID-19 related slogans.

Twitter users were confused by the posting, with many taking issue with the apparent virtue-signal in direct reply to the City of Toronto's account.

One user wrote "THANKS FOR THE MEMES that'll stop tenants and businesses from getting evicted. Killin it."

Even people who support the lockdowns felt creeped-out by the strange video, with one user saying "nothing says pandemic safety like a TikTok at 5% energy." Another lamented the decision by the city, writing "this is so embarrassing" and "don't post cringe."

One user even went so far as to recreate the video in a comedic sketch, adoring the white t-shirt and black mask and dancing before making a call to his parents, and saying "you were right, I shouldn't have gone to Randolph," a college for performing arts in Toronto.