UPDATE: Tik-Tok “star” FIRED by Deloitte after threatening to stab people saying “All Lives Matter”

TikTok “star” threatens to stab people saying “All Lives Matter”
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(CORRECTION: The original version of this story reported that Janover was a part-time teacher at Princeton. This was inaccurate: Janover has never taught at Princeton and has no connection to the university. Rebel News regrets the error and has corrected the copy and headline of this story to reflect that.)

(UPDATE: Claira Janover has since lost her job with Deloitte, the UK-based accounting firm.)

A Harvard graduate has gone viral on social media, but not for any reason you’d want to become popular for. Claira Janover maintains a TikTok following of over 115,000 subscribers on the Chinese-owned platform.  

This weekend, Janover threatened to stab the next person she met who dared to say the words, “all lives matter.” 

The vocal proponent of the Black Lives Matter movement described the sentiment that “all lives matter” to be the equivalent of saying knife wounds were similar to paper cuts, in that they are both cuts.  

Janover said that anyone who says “all lives matter” lives with the privilege of “caucasity,” which she said is used to undermine the suffering and plight of blacks under white supremacy. Janover tagged her video under #blacklivesmatter and #whitepplcheck.  

The term “caucasity” is a portmanteau of the words “Caucasian” and “audacity,” referencing the privilege supposedly possessed by white people in a social justice context.   

“Immastab you and while you're struggling and bleeding out,imma show you my paper cut and say 'my cut matters too,’” she says. 

As some have rebutted on social media, it’s hard to take seriously the idea that we live under white supremacy when individuals are canceled for criticizing anything other than white supremacy. 

Janover’s threat to stab people for the “all lives matter” phrase isn’t the only video she’s going viral for. In a separate video, Janover conducted an argument with herself, performing an impression of a Trump supporter with whom she calls a “white supremacist” for their support of President Donald Trump.  

“Let’s make this clear,” says Janover to the strawman Trump supporter. “You voting for him despite these qualities might make you less racist than neo-Nazi Klan members who vote for him to promote his racism but less racist is not the same as not racist. Voting for him and tolerating him still makes you complicit. Bottom line is, you’re bigoted, you’re not only willing to tolerate but support someone like Trump. Your political indifference towards minorities and the marginalized in America is your choice. So I simplified that, and to answer your question, you’re a white supremacist for example.”  

Janover’s LinkedIn page reveals that the Harvard graduate volunteered for the Democratic party in Connecticut.  

Despite the backlash, Janover continues to produce anti-Trump content and now revels in her newfound infamy as a vitriolic proponent of social justice.  


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