Cobourg Beach FINALLY (mostly) reopens — just in time for Fall

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Without further ado, and no more heat warnings in sight, Cobourg Beach is finally open!

However, restrictions apply: Weekends are still off limits to beachgoers. Council wants to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and they felt that keeping the beach closed on weekends would keep locals safe.

Town Council noted that they would reinstate the closure if they see large crowds flocking to the beach.

But why now? With most people down at the water today wearing long pants and long sleeves, it’s unlikely that Cobourg beach will see an influx of visitors into the fall.

Overall, the consensus of those I spoke to was that people are glad to see the beach re-open, even with restrictions and fencing still in place.

However, approximately half of the people down there were from out of town. Seems as though town council’s intention of “keeping the others away” never really worked!

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