Conservatives migrate to Parler as Twitter cracks down on free speech

Conservatives migrate to Parler as Twitter cracks down on free speech
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Conservatives have begun migrating to Parler, a free-speech alternative to Twitter, following Twitter’s crackdown on the conservative response to the widescale protests and riots currently happening in the United States and abroad. 

This includes prominent conservative voices like Dan Bongino, Devin Nunes, Jesse Kelly, Rita Panahi, Kurt Schlichter, Wayne Dupree, Buck Sexton, and many others. 

In the wake of attempts to establish the “BHAZ”, or Black House Autonomous Zone in Washington DC just blocks away from the White House, President Trump vowed that any attempt to set up an “autonomous zone” in the area would be “met with serious force.” 

Twitter took issue with his remarks, declaring them “a threat of harm against an identifiable group” and promptly censored them with the addition of a warning label. Twitter is actively preventing its users from retweeting, replying to the tweet, or even hitting the “like” button on the tweet. 

The effort is part of Twitter’s ongoing escalation in its willingness to censor world leaders whose voices, often backed up by the threat of law enforcement, fall outside the platform’s terms of service against supposedly “abusive behavior.”  

On Thursday, Twitter also marked a meme video shared by the US President as “manipulated video,” and previously accused Trump of “glorifying violence.” The censorship of the video also prompted the platform to ban its creator, Carpe Donktum, over a copyright violation.  

Carpe Donktum responded to the post on his Locals page, informing his audience that he was permanently suspended from the platform. 

Conservative journalist Raheem Kassam was likewise locked out of his account for sharing a video of a Libyan man stabbing multiple people in Reading, England last week near the vicinity of a Black Lives Matter rally. Three people were killed and half a dozen more were injured in the incident, which is being treated as a terrorist attack by the Met police.  

Like many other Trump supporters, Trump’s favorite meme maker is feeling the brunt Twitter’s censorship as the platform seemingly ramps up its efforts to purge the platform of conservatives. In contrast, content and tweets produced by Biden supporters and far-left activists remain uncensored—including calls by Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King to deface churches and tear down statues of Jesus Christ 

Considering the platform’s anti-conservative bias, prominent conservative personalities have begun setting up accounts on Parler and urging their audience to do the same—just in case they, too, are silenced.

Our own Keean Bexte is on Parler! Check him out at @Keean.

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