Controversy surrounding WOKE books for children is growing!

These books contain images of genitalia, and even pornography. ‘I think we should limit the age at which we begin this kind of education,’ said a Quebec resident. ‘There is an age limit for exposing sexuality to children.’

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More and more WOKE books are entering the public sphere and are somehow becoming normalized among the population.

These books cater to various age groups and contain images of genitalia, and even pornographic images. Additionally, there are books circulating on gender ideology.

In Quebec, the "Panier Bleu" initiative, which promotes certain Quebec products, is endorsing the book, "Ma sœur veut mon zizi" (My Sister Wants My Penis). This book tells the story of a little girl who discovers her brother's penis and goes on a search for her own. It features explicit images of genital organs and is exposed to children as young as 3 to 6 years old.

Quebec residents have reacted to the sight of this book. 

A woman stated: “By the way, I have two kids, and I won't show them that."

A passing taxi driver explained: "No, it's too young and unacceptable for me, no."On the other hand, another passerby commented: "It's like anything else, if it's well explained and well illustrated."

A father expressed his discomfort with what is happening, and said: "It's personal to me. I have a hard time with all this non-gendered stuff,  to the point of saying, 'I am gender neutral.' I don't know; I have a little difficulty with that. I'll keep my answer to myself because it may go too far."

Regarding possible actions by parents, another woman shared: "They are just starting to learn about their bodies, so I feel like it's a little bit too early for them. I don't think parents are going to buy the book because it's too early."

When asked about the potential consequences of exposing children to such content, another woman said: "Because if they hear about it, they're going to want to try it with their little friends to make it normal." 

If you want to take a stand against grooming children, you can sign our petition at

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