Criminal charges & 30-hour jail stay for protester in New Brunswick

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Today we're bringing you an update to the Fight The Fines case of Jonathan Rossiter from New Brunswick. He's received a new fine and some criminal charges.

We met Jonathan previously when he received a lockdown ticket for protesting in Quebec in a public park.

Jonathan used a small loudspeaker to protest the coronavirus lockdown, which is something we see all the time at protests. People bring with them loudspeakers, bullhorns, other things that amplify sound. It's standard operating procedure!

However, at the time, Quebec police issued Jonathan a noise violation ticket meant to deter travelling musicians. Anything to shut him up, I guess. Jonathan is no musician. He's just a guy who wants to get back to normal.

But now, Jonathan has a handful of criminal charges and another fine, after he attended a protest in New Brunswick as an independent journalist. He tells me he was held for over 30 hours in custody before being released.

We are helping Jonathan fight his tickets and new charges in court at no cost to him through, a Rebel News civil liberties project that is supported through The Democracy Fund, a registered Canadian charity.

Any donations to to offset the legal fees of Justin, and the hundreds of other people and businesses just like him who we are helping to fight their lockdown fines, now qualify for a charitable tax receipt.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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