Czech police say even nudists must wear face masks — it's a bold strategy, and it's paying off

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Another country is following Taiwan's example of wearing masks in public to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The Czech Republic made mask-wearing in public mandatory March 18, 2020. The country’s president even delivered his annual Easter message in a mask.

However, there is a bit of a catch. Bare butts are fine. Bare faces? Not so much.

The UK Sun has the story:

Nudists sunbathing at a beauty spot were collared by coronavirus cops - for not wearing protective face masks. They were reprimanded by Czech police and warned that although clothes may be optional the life-saving masks are definitely not.

“But with the Czech government insisting that face masks be worn at all times in public, police soon arrived to enforce the rules.

"Unfortunately, the sunbathing citizens were in one place in larger numbers and some did not even have a mask," police spokeswoman Markéta Janovská told local media.

"Citizens can be without clothes in places designated for this purpose, but they must have their mouths covered and must observe the numbers in which they can go into nature."

Officers checked on 150 people enjoying the town's lakes and found roughly half without the required protection.”

The Czechs are on to something here, even if I would like to see genitals also covered in public for the same reason I am pro mask; to stem the spread of infectious disease.

The Czechs are letting people live their best lives, let it all hang out if they want, as long as they do it with a mask on and it’s working.

In today’s video, I’ll compare the infection and death numbers for both Canada and the Czech Republic and I’ll show you which country has been more successful in battling the disease while preserving civil liberties.

The Czech Republic has proven that adopting mask use early is one of the most effective ways to preserve a little bit of freedom and normalcy even if your version of normalcy means sunning your bare scrotum by the lake.

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  • By Ezra Levant


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