WATCH: Dan Andrews must be 'taken down this election'

Former Liberal MP Geoff Shaw is making a comeback and says the Premier's time at the helm of the state is up

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Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews is a “monster”, according to former Liberal MP Geoff Shaw who has released a book documenting the impact of Andrews’ 20 years in parliament.

Shaw, who is attempting a political comeback with the Palmer United Party, said Victorians needed to remember what the Andrews’ government had done to their state.

“I’m not voting for the people who locked us up, who shot at us, who have taken the debt to seven times what it was when they took over in 2014,” he said.

“They want us to give him (Andrews) a go? No chance!”

Shaw, who represented Frankston from 2010 to 2014, is best remembered for forcing the resignation of then premier Ted Baillieu when he sensationally quit the party and withdrew his support for Baillieu.

Shaw was later suspended by the parliament after being ordered to repay $6838 in vehicle and fuel entitlements.

The former accountant said he was returning to politics because he had been shocked to see what the Andrews’ government had done to Victoria.

“He was vile back then and he is a monster now. He’s just got worse and worse,” he said of Andrews.

“I don’t want him in my home or co-parenting my kids. I don’t want him segregating Christians from non-Christians … or calling us non-essential. That’s not the Australia I live in. He’s a bully and he has got to be taken down this election.”

‘Daniel Andrews Unmasked’ is Shaw’s account of the Victoria Premier’s parliamentary career which began in 2002.

“It’s about his 20 years in politics and what a disaster this guy has been,” Shaw said.

“Dan Andrews was just as vicious back then as he is now. Back then no one really knew who he was. But after 200 daily sermons of dread over the last few years, he has just exposed himself more and more.

“He took us from being the world’s most liveable city to the world’s most locked down city.”

Shaw was equally as scathing of the Victoria Liberal Party. “They’re not even in the game,” he said.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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