David Suzuki calls the truckers 'anarchists' (as he stands by an anarchist flag)

Sheila Gunn Reid joins Ezra Levant for a look at ridiculous remarks made by David Suzuki at a left-wing protest in British Columbia.

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Canadian musician Neil Young played his first show in several years. The venue? An old-growth logging protest in British Columbia.

Young wasn't the only big Canadian name to make an appearance at the not-so-succinctly named “United We Stand for Old Growth Forests! Declaration, March, and Super-Rally”. Notorious environmental extremist David Suzuki also spoke to the crowd in attendance.

Suzuki's appearance was the topic of conversation when Rebel News Chief Reporter Sheila Gunn Reid joined last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show.

During his speech, Suzuki made a strange comparison, equating the Freedom Convoy protest with anarchists. The sheer ridiculousness of the statement led Sheila to tell Ezra:

He has been out gathering support for this protest and he called the trucker convoy — you know, he's rounding up supporters, actual anarchists, to support his anti-logging movement.

But he's the guy who is calling the truckers anarchists, when in fact it was the truckers who were wanting the rule of law to be applied, for the constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to be accepted.

It's just bizarre how upside down everything is and how gaslit the public is by this sort of Liberal-media complex.

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